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case № 0413

Congenital heart defect. Common of the left ventricle type. Malposition of great vessels. Hypoplasia of the right ventricle. Large defect of intraventricular septum. High pulmonary hypertension. Eisenmenger syndrome. Heart failure II A - II B stage. Pulmonary insufficiency III stage. Pulmonary vascular sclerosis.

Case description:

The child is ill from birth.

Date of birth - 11.06.2000.

In October 2015 girl was examined in Austria - identified the need of both heart and lung transplantation.

Gets conservative treatment - sildenafil and ventavis. 20 hours a day is breathing through an oxygen mask.

Currently hemoglobin - 200 g / l, periodically blood oxygen saturation drops to 65%. Arterial pressure - 100/60 mm Hg mm.

Needs re-inspection for the correction of received therapy to survive until transplantation of the heart and lungs.



Didusenko Alina

We hope for productive cooperation with our new partner - Hospital Group "Medicana"

10 June 2016

Medical Group Medicana provides medical services in accredited hospitals with international standards of service in the fields of cardiovascular surgery, in vitro - fertilization procedures, in the treatment of cancer and in cosmetology, in neurosurgical operations and organ transplantation, hemodialysis and treatment of diseases of the joints, in neurology not only to the citizens of Turkey, but also for patients who are coming from Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans.

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Was signed an agreement about cooperation with a network of clinics in Turkey - Istanbul Cerrahi Healthcare Group

06 June 2016

Istanbul Cerrahi Healthcare Group started its activities in 1998, establishing its first clinic - Istanbul Cerrahi Fulya Hospital in the center of Istanbul. In 2014 began to work the new clinic - Istanbul Cerrahi Nişantaşı Hospital.

Successfully developing their professional activities, Istanbul Cerrahi Healthcare Group in 2015 opened the first and only center for rejuvenation in Turkey - Ageless Clinic, which includes all possible kinds of plastic and cosmetic treatments (aesthetic treatment, laser treatment, hair transplantation, cosmetic dentistry, surgical treatment of obesity, the treatment of varicose veins), together with the highly qualified team of plastic surgeons.

Istanbul Cerrahi Healthcare Group in 2017 is preparing for the opening of its largest clinic - Istanbul Cerrahi Levent Hospital, which will also be situated in the center of Istanbul, and will have the most advanced technologies.

Directions of medical activity of Istanbul Cerrahi Healthcare Group - aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, endocrinology, rheumatology, neurology and neurosurgery, obesity treatment, orthopedics, gynecology, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, cardio - vascular diseases, the treatment of genetic diseases and others.

Special offer from Dermatological Clinic, Latvia

18 May 2016

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