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"We returned from the Turkish clinic, now are at home, and can say about our impressions. First of all concerning Stefania - Thank God she doesn"t suffer from seasures after the provided operation. My girl is calm, cheerful, intensely perceives the world around, talks with compositions. Earlier, when she had resistant seizures were only incomprehensible sounds.

What are our impressions from the clinic? As my husband says: "You know exactly for what you pay." Starting from the hall, where everyone greets you with a nice smile, everyone wants to help you, and ending with the fact that you do not need every time to remind nurses that dropping is finished, even if it will be the 03.00 a.m. - exactly that minute she comes in the room. I can not complain about any person that I met in hospital. In restoring the health of my child the main work was done by highly professional team of neurosurgeons.


First visit to the Turkish clinic with Stephania was in November 2015 - honestly speaking, we wanted doctors to select medications that would help to stop seizures. My child took 5-6 drugs per day, but without positive effect. With each new attack of seasures she forgot all the skills which we obtained with such a titanic work. We wanted to go for treatment in Spain (but only diagnostic value - 10 thousand euros), Israel (even more expensive).

Thanks to a team of Medical Tourism Market, which explained to us the benefits of clinics, gaved resume of doctors, rightly helped us to make a choice in favor of the Turkish clinic of world class .

From the very beginning I did not spare about my choice - technological support, attentive attitude, the hospital in which in you has awakened the desire to live, no matter how it may sound. When doctors said that the main way to decide the problems of my child - a complex neurosurgical operation - I was not scared, I trusted the team on 100%. I only thought that my child has a chance to be healthy as every other child. Other way we did not have ...

And now we finished treatment. I'm not a doctor, but I understand that such high-tech equipment can only be in hospitals of world-class, everything is under control, for all the procedures you pay only in cash. For me was allowed after surgery, when my child awaked after anesthesia to be near her for 3 hours - in resuscitation department - the equipment there is fantastic. When we left the hospital, the professor invited us for a second consultation - and explained everything so available, showing the results of MRI scans before and after surgery, areas that provoke seizures in previous images that I did not have any questions. Among the recommendations - swimming in the pool and exercises.

I hope that we will overcome this disease and my child will be able to enjoy life without debilitating seisures.

I want to tell all mothers whose children suffer from this disease - I noticed a trend that with this problem all are focused on Spain - we also planned to be treated there, but it is extremely expensive. We have no regrets for choosing Turkey - accessibility (near 3 thousand dollars for full diagnostics), the visa-free regime, world-class professionals, and the most important - the result from the treatment!

I sincerely thank the team of Medical Tourism Market for professional support throughout our examination and treatment! "