Basis Med

Medical Center BASIS MED has modern equipment of expert level. Doctors with years of experience. Modern and comfortable rooms. To results of examinations made in Center trust leading healthcare facilities not only in Ukraine but also all around the world. Are made all types of ultrasound diagnostics, ultrasound of internal organs, ultrasound during all periods of pregnancy (screening examination, 4D), ultrasound examination of breasts with providing of elastography (diagnosis of malignant tumors in the early stages), ultrasound of the thyroid gland, heart ultrasound with Doppler methodics, ultrasound examination of vessels (upper and lower limbs, head and neck), ultrasound and MRI of joints, all kinds of ultrasound for children.

CF "Light of Hope"

The organization aims to carry out charitable activities, to promote activities in the field of prevention and treatment of cancer and other serious diseases in children, protection of the rights of children with disabilities with cancer and other severe diseases and their families, providing access of each child with cancer or another serious illness to the most progressive possibilities of treatment and rehabilitation. The work of our organization is focused on targeted support for children in the form of charitable donations from sponsors and patrons, as well as the provision of material, technical, informational, legal and humanitarian assistance in the framework of charitable events and programs.

CF "Warm Hearts"

Our aim - is to promote the improvement of socio-economic and financial situation of disabled children, orphans and children deprived of parental care, children from large, low-income, single parent families, and providing aid to the poor and those who because of physical or other defects are limited in their rights and interests, promote their social rehabilitation and provision of assistance to talented, creative youth from among the above mentioned persons.

Medical Assisting Company

«Medical Assisting Company» is a specialized company that organizes high-quality and highly skilled assessment and treatment in Ukraine and overseas all categories of patients. We have partnered with world-renowned hospitals and experienced professionals, which guarantees high quality of service. Our company accompanies the client from the beginning to the end of treatment. We employ qualified and certified professionals in medical tourism, management and linguistics. Our advantage is not only to provide health care and services, but also a list of clinics that specialize in various diseases, and forming an approximate budget of diagnosis and treatment that will help the client choose the best.

Travel agency "All inclusive travel"

Travel agency "All inclusive travel" was founded in 2014. Geographically it is located in Chernivtsi. The travel agency actively assist travelers in choosing the appropriative tour, organization of the best vacation and its aim is  to open every beautiful corner of the world. Cooperation in the field of medical tourism, such as check-up programms for customers - travelers, is an excellent opportunity for employees of agency to try themselves in the new direction of work. After all, today many people want to combine the opportunity to rest and care for health and pass a comprehensive examination of the whole organism abroad. Interesting and promising in terms of cooperation are also such directions as Spa and Wellness.