Medical Group Medicana provides medical services in accredited hospitals with international standards of service in the fields of cardiovascular surgery, in vitro - fertilization procedures, in the treatment of cancer and in cosmetology, in neurosurgical operations and organ transplantation, hemodialysis and treatment of diseases of the joints, in neurology not only to the citizens of Turkey, but also for patients who are coming from Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans.

Medicana International Istanbul, including network Medicana International Ankara, which consists of 7 clinics of general medicine and 2 stomatological clinics is one of world investors in private health care and is proud that it has the ability to provide high standards of service in all medical fields, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Hospitals Group Medicana owns  accreditation certificate of quality - JCI.

The total number of medical staff - 3,500, including 550 doctors, 200 professors and PhD.
Until today in hospitals of Hosptal Group Medicana were performed 41,000 operations on heart, 105,000 angiographies and angioplastics, 20,000 orthopedic operations, 300 urological operations, more than 500 kidney transplantations, more than 200 liver transplantations, 500 specialized plastic surgeries.