Обстеження check-up

case № 0411

Diabetes mellitus, I st type. Diabetic nephropathy. Dysfunction of the gallbladder, pancreatic type. Chronic pancreatitis. Chronic cholecystitis. Gastroduodenitis.

Case description:

Date of birth - 18.02.1990 

In 2012 in patient was diagnosed pancreatitis and cholecystitis. The disease was treated in hospital - were given diet advices and medicamentations which accelerate discharge of bile. In 2014 became pregnant. The pain intensified, but the medications during pregnancy were not intended, because of the harm to the fetus. During pregnancy was diagnosed - preeclampsia, the patient had expressed swelling, pain in the gallbladder and pancreas, which irradiated to the back. The patient passed blood tests for glucose level - glucose during pregnancy was normal. 13.05.2015 by cesarean section, the baby was born with weight 6300 grams. In delivery house the patient passed blood tests for glucose level - indexes were normal. After birth, the patient felt not good - maintained pain in the gallbladder and pancreas, decreased acuteness of vision. Also observed inflammatory reaction of axillary lymph nodes. The patient appealed to the hospital - but doctors could not explain her health worsening. 4 months after delivery the condition of the patient was not satisfactory - at that time patient passed analysis for glycated hemoglobin - the result was 9.7% (norm - up to 6.2%). Stationary to the patient was scheduled insulin - Novorapid (short-acting insulin) 4-6 Units and Lantus (insulin long-acting) 10-12 Units. On the background of this treatment and detoxification i /v therapy patient's condition improved - improved vision, lymph nodes decreased in size. In the hospital patient passed ultrasound examination of abdomen- gallbladder has S- shape.
Currently the patient complains on pain in the pancreas and gallbladder, which irradiates to the back, bitter taste in the mouth, digestive disorders, a significant increase in blood glucose in the absence hypoglycemia in the night. Last patient was treated from 11.10.2015 to 21.10.2015.

Concomitant diseases - pyelonephritis, tonsillitis.

Currently takes drugs - Novorapid (short-acting insulin) Lantus (insulin prolonged action), allohol (choleretic, dry bile) Pancreatin 8000, fish fat.

Patient - Victoria Leonhardt
Wishes of the patient - treatment in the country with a minimum of visa documents for travel in the fastest time, with the availability of qualified professionals who are able to conduct a full examination, to establish correct diagnosis and proper treatment. Consider a few variants.