Medical Tourism Market - is the world’s first independent online platform for medical tourism market. We provide universal service for those who need medical care abroad, for those who are in need medical care abroad, for those who are in need of treatment, rehabilitation, examinations in the best clinics of the world and want to choose the best option in the ratio of price - quality - conditions.

In Medical Tourism Market, a patient, charitable organization, insurance company, government, private institution and other organizations can in the shortest time find the best proposals from the best clinics around the world for a particular medical procedure. It is very easy and convenient. You just need to place all health information on our online platform and receive proposals from the best of the best.

Medical institutions all around the world both narrow and multi - direction and what is more important, specializing in all medical fields participate in the project.

Our mission - to unite the world’s best clinics and medical centers around those patients who need and want to be treated abroad because of certain circumstances.

Our goal - to create, maintain and develop effective platform of interaction between  those who need, seek medical care (abroad) and those who provide it efficiently.

Our task - to unite those who provide quality health care with those who need it and who can pay for it in full.

Our motto - quality health care, without borders.

How does it work

Medical Tourism Market - it is actually online shop in the sphere of medical tourism. Here we offer a client who is looking for a clinic (specialist) to get the best proposal on the participating clinics and choose the very best option for him/her. And we offer clinics to propose their best specialists, their experience, the price and conditions for the solution of a medical problem or procedure.

Each case - it is a history of certain person who need medical care. Each case is a specific medical problem, history, somebody's pain and hope.

Operators of the  Exchange (the ones who have the raght to file cases) are charitable funds, insurance and assistance companies, Ministries of Public Health, and all those who pay for health care and those who help pay. It is a peculiar guarantee to participating clinics that these cases will be paid in full and their time and professional advice will not be useless.

By placing your case on our online platform, you get offers and plan how to solve your problem from clinics-participants of the project. Among all the proposals you choose the one that suits you the most in price - quality - conditions ratio.

Then Operator (patient) tells us about his/her choice, and we, in turn, helps to get the official invoice, the offer from medical institution and helps in all the arrangements connected with the trip to medical institution.


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